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I look forward to working together with you on some great projects.

Before we start please take some time to read through my terms and conditions. 


Commencement and Duration

The relationship between myself (Hollie Gibbons of Nest In Style) and the Client is governed by these Terms, effective from the project start date.
I take full payment up front and will only start work on your E-Design once Payment and all Client Information have been received. I expect payment within 7 days of invoicing.


The Design Service

Once you have completed the E-Design Questionnaire, sent me (Hollie Gibbons) images and measurements of your space. I will prepare your fee proposal and invoice for your E-design service. Should you accept the fee proposal and paid for the service upfront, I will contact you to arrange a time to hold your one hour Consultation. The Consultation is an opportunity to discuss your requirements in person with Nest In Style (Hollie Gibbons). This is your opportunity to set out, in detail, what you require. Details I (Hollie Gibbons) will require include the location and size of the relevant rooms or spaces, the style and type(s) of decorating and other aesthetic features you require.

You warrant and confirm that the Client Information you disclose to me (Hollie Gibbons of Nest In Style) will be sufficient, accurate and complete in every respect.

Based on the Client Information, I (Hollie Gibbons) will then curate and issue a concept board for you for your review. You have one round of revision(s) at this stage. I will then prepare your refined concept board, a 2D suggested room layout, 2D elevation and clickable shopping list. From this stage you have one additional round of revision(s). Upon issued of your final design document, your E-design service will be deemed complete with the exception of the 2 week aftercare service.

Should a 3D visual be required, one can be created for you for an additional fee.

You acknowledge and agree that any 2D and 3D designs I (Hollie Gibbons) produce for you is intended for illustrative and inspirational purposes only and is not intended to provide an exact specification for an interior design project nor to guarantee specific results, nor will it necessarily comply with any relevant construction laws, regulations or guidance, whether statutory or non-statutory. 

I (Hollie Gibbons) do not accept any responsibility or liability for any incorrect furniture ordered by you or a third party, or furniture that may be the wrong size, wrong colour or arrive damaged.

I (Hollie Gibbons) work on the assumption that the client checks the dimensions of the furniture pieces recommended to them before purchasing. I (Hollie Gibbons) will not accept any liability or responsibility for furniture ordered by you that is not to your satisfaction or needs to be returned for any other reason

It is your responsibility to check any product(s) ordered by you will pass freely into the room of choice, that they will fit in that room, can be transported via any door, stairs and doorways, and there are no other issues that could add difficulties to delivery or frustrate delivery. I (Hollie Gibbons) will not accept liability for any purchases, alterations made in relation to the 2D or 3D illustrative image.



At each stage where the option of ‘revision’ is included in a package, this consists of one round of changes to your concept boards. Any further revisions will be charged at an additional cost determined by me (Hollie Gibbons). Should you agree to this fee, payment will be required to be paid upfront.

For clarity, where a package includes 3D renders of designs, ‘revision’ eligibility does not include additional 3D renders.  Any such requests will be treated as substantial material revisions to the E-Design and a quotation for additional fees will be provided to you.

Should you at at any stage choose to extend the design scope or request changes to the original design brief once design work has commenced, will be subject to review and additional fee. 



The E-Design package offers two weeks follow-up support from me, ( Hollie Gibbons) during which period I am available by email for support and guidance. For clarity, this support does not include further substantial design work outside of the package. 

At all times during the design process, you are under an obligation to respond promptly and fully to me. Should contact cease for a continuous period of three months or you fail to provide responses to me that I consider to be satisfactory in assisting the progression of your design, I will regard your project as completed and no further work will be carried out and I (Hollie Gibbons) also reserve the right to terminate our Services forthwith in those circumstances.

I will be contactable by e-mail for the duration of the project and throughout the two weeks aftercare service. Response times will be 24 hours GMT from the date and time of contact, or 24 hours from the next Business Day, whichever is the later. 


Third Parties

My E-Design may specify third party products that I (Hollie Gibbons) reasonably believe may assist in implementing your design needs. I make these recommendations in good faith, but: without offering or implying any warranty as to the fitness of the goods or services provided, a matter on which you should use your own due diligence.

I (Hollie Gibbons) will not be liable for any losses or damages or other adverse financial consequences arising from a breach or failure on the part of a third party contractor.  You acknowledge and agree that in regard to contractor and retailer, etc. recommendations in the virtual E-Design, I (Hollie Gibbons) acts strictly as a third party referrer and not a provider of such trades, goods and services of any kind, and all contractual relations and arrangements concerning the provision of such trades, goods and services are entirely a matter between you and the relevant contractor(s) and/or retailers and others.

I (Hollie Gibbons) am in no way responsible or liable for the provision of such services, and you indemnify me entirely in respect of the financial consequences, loss, damage, any breach of contract or breach of duty on the part of you or the third party provider in the provision of your services;

I (Hollie Gibbons) will reasonably endeavour to ensure that all retail product links provided to you in the E-Design are current on stock to assist with purchasing the products, there is no guarantee that the furniture or accessories recommended by me (Hollie Gibbons) will be available for purchase at all or within a specific time frame defined by you in your brief to me. If prices are provided as part of the E-Design recommendation, there is no guarantee that you will find the article at the same price when you seek to order it.


Cancellations and Refunds

You may cancel my services up to 14 days before the start date by notifying me via email, in which case you will be refunded the Client Payment. If the cancellation request is received less than 14 days before the start date, you will not be entitled to a full refund. This will be at my discretion.


Your Warranties and Obligations

You warrant that:
You are 18 years of age or older;
You have provided accurate and valid information requested during the registration process;
You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the design plan without the express written permission of myself (Hollie Gibbons of Nest In Style).


Limitation of Liability

Nest In Style is a virtual interior design service, not a traditional interior design service, and I do not offer or imply the warranties and representations that would normally accompany a professional service;

Where I discuss your specific design needs, this should not be treated as advice, but guidance and for information only;

While reasonable efforts are made to ensure our Virtual Design matches your needs, the E-Design (and any plans, specifications, lists, information and documentation whatsoever it contains) is for illustrative purposes only and not to be relied on; and at all times you must rely on your own due diligence in evaluating and seeking to implement the Design Plan including all furniture recommendations.